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Parks & Streets

The parks & streets committee is responsible for improving the physical appearance of the neighborhood and ensuring that the city provides effective services to the neighborhood. Issues addressed are parks, lights, tree-trimming, graffiti removal, parking, traffic flow, street sweeping and trash collection.


The communications committee is responsible for informing members about organizational developments and recruiting new members. The committee maintains the website, takes minutes of monthly meetings and advertises for meetings and events.

Public Safety

The public safety committee monitors area crime and works with Boston Police and other city departments to build partnerships for reducing crime.


The building committee addresses issues related to the redevelopment of 90 Windsor Street, a 4,880 sq. foot building owned by UNLR.

On-Going Community Meetings

Please attend our annual event on Saturday, August 25, 2018 to learn more about on-going monthly meetings or email us at to learn more or call 617.461.0007.